My goals for this UI/UX design challenge were to:
Analyze the app to brainstorm areas of friction for user where she can easily reschedule a doctor appointment;
Document my design process;
Design a prototype to resolve the major pain point;

My Design Process

I follow IDEO’s Human-Centered Design and Lean UX Design Thinking process. I had to adapt it, for example in the Emphatize phase, research is usually done, it can be as simple as competitive analysis to remote usability testing, but in this case, I had the persona and the focus was only to document my workflow bearing in mind that I didn’t perform user testing or validation with other users.

Before I could start doing low-fidelity mockups, I needed to understand what kind of people are likely to use Oneview. The persona gave me a solid understanding of the user base would help inform everything I do later in the design process.
After conducting a brief research on the company and its competitors I started putting together some sketches.
Identifying and Prioritising Pain Points

Pain point :
Rescheduling a medical appointment via her mobile app
Task flow
I created a task flow to show the flow for a user who wants to reschedule her medical appointment via the Oneview mobile app. The highlighted area represents the pain point which I will tackle in my design solution.
Low-fi wireframes
I did my low-fidelity wireframes using UI Stencils.
Hi-fi wireframes
During the hi-fidelity phase, buttons positions were changed as you can notice in the second wire frame I added besides the reschedule the cancel button as well.
In the hi fidelity mockups, I had to prioritize:
- Information about the user
- Pick a date and time
- Reschedule an appointment
- Receive a notification


Because the form in question would be on mobile and is subject to more potential interruptions between steps (network difficulties, data usage, app crashes, etc.), separation by pages might not be effective and that’s why on the reschedule section the user can do the whole reschedule page without leaving the screen.
The main screen was the reschedule page with the calendar options, I made it easier to the user to visualize the current week and the slots left in each day, reducing the number of clicks since if the user sees that there are no slots left in that day he/she won’t click.

Main Screen 


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